Targus Image Directory
Introduction Guide
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Recent Notes:
  • Initially image downloads will be available in high (compressed) or low resolution jpg format.
  • You can create your own account and in doing so assume responsibility for its use. If you have questions about your account, please contact the system administrator.
  • Before downloading any images, please read our Image Usage Guidelines.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the Targus Image Directory (TID)?
    The Targus Image Directory is a resource, containing images, logos and other product information that has been developed by Targus, Inc. primarily for use by Targus employees, distributors, resellers, publishers, agencies and other parties involved with the marketing of Targus products.

  • How do I get a user name and password to use the TID?
    Please register to create an account. If you need product images from different regions, you will have to create a separate account for each region.

  • How do I find an image not listed in the TID?
    If the image you are looking for is not included on the TID, please submit a request via our support section.

  • How often is the TID updated?
    The TID is updated as new images are made available. Updates typically occur weekly.

  • Who do I contact if I have problems with this site?
    If you are having problems adding/downloading/editing images, please send an email to the system administrator.

Site Information
Quick Site Walk-Through
  • Login
    Login to the Image Directory using your personal Username and Password. If you have any questions about your account information, or if you forgot your password, please contact the system administrator.
  • Region Selection
    Following login, you will be able to access the region for which you have established an account.
  • Viewing Available Images
    After selecting your desired region, the "View Images" page presents you with a list of images and the opportunity to click on links to download the images in either high resolution JPEG or low resolution JPEG. You can also search for images by Product Name and/or Part Number by using the search field in the upper left corner.. If the Hi-Res JPG and/or Low-Res JPG text are not showing as links then that image is not available for download.
  • Downloading Images
    If an image is available for download, you will be presented with an "Image Download Link" on the page following your image type (high or low resolution) selection. Follow the directions on the page to download the image, or click on the download link to view the image in your browser.
  • Product Administration
    All product information can be edited in the "Product Admin" section of the site. Not all users will be able to access this section of the site, as it is only available to administrators. This section allows you to change the Part Number, Image Name, Product Name, Product Description, and actual Image for any product. Products and images can also be deleted in this section.
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